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We are committed to fostering the development of various startups in the cannabis space and nurturing their evolution in our facilities. OutCo offers management and consulting to cannabis-related businesses and services across the country.


Outliers Collective, in continuous operation since July of 2014, in El Cajon, California, is your first stop for OutCo strains and infused products. OutCo plans to open dispensaries in the City of San Diego in 2018 and to expand throughout the state soon after.


OutCo’s cutting-edge extraction methods produce vape oils and infused products, and our supercritical CO2 extraction ensures consistency and economies of production. Investing in on-site labs and skilled scientists delivers value, high yields and exceptional results at every step from seed to sale.


Plant scientist Dr. Allison Justice leads OutCo’s cultivation efforts. Our indoor and greenhouse harvests yield a mixture of THC and CBD rich indicas, sativas and hybrids that are grown with sustainable methods, using beneficial insects, fungi and organic oils to ensure top quality.

R & D

We care deeply about the quality and effectiveness of our products and, therefore, invest consistently in research and development. Experienced Ph.D.s drive OutCo’s efforts to elevate standards across our industry for everyone’s benefit.


In an industry with inconsistent manufacturing techniques and questionable quality control, OutCo is developing new standards for the development and production of infused products. With the ability to test all products thoroughly in-house, you can always trust OutCo products.


As the largest legal cultivator in Southern California, OutCo is uniquely positioned to deliver consistent, quality cannabis, vape oils and infused products for our own dispensary operations and to dispensaries throughout the state. Contact sales@outco.com to learn more.