Virtual tour of our ElCajon location
OutCo will be releasing shares in early 2018 to plan for aggressive growth as we acquire additional operations, release new products, and launch major marketing campaigns. There are opportunities for strategic investors to become part of OutCo’s exciting future.

OutCo Locations:

OutCo - El Cajon

Employees: 57
Type: Dispensary, Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution
Holding the only California Micro-business (allowing for vertical integration) license south of Los Angeles County, the Wing Avenue Facility in El Cajon contains the following fully operational and licensed activities: Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail

OutCo - Escondido

Employees: 6
Type: Dispensary
Overview: The only licensed dispensary in inland North County San Diego

OutCo Grow - Long Beach ( South Street)

Employees: 28
Type: Cultivation, Distribution
Overview: This is a 15,000 square foot building that will maintain flowering plants under a canopy of 10,000 square feet, mothers and clones.It also holds a distribution license that allows us to move our product as well product from other license holders.
Lights: 625

OutCo Grow - Long Beach ( Spring Street)

Employees: 60
Type: Cultivation, Manufacturing
Overview: This building is over 26,000 square feet and houses a 22,000 square foot canopy of flower as well as mothers, clones. This facility holds a manufacturing license that allows extraction and the ability to process tinctures, topicals, vape and concentrates to both recreational and medical markets.
Lights: 1188

OutCo Grow - Mendocino

Employees: 45
Type: Cultivation
Total structure size: 45,000 square feet
Flowering under canopy: 10,000 square feet
Nursery under canopy: 12,000 square feet
Lights: 165 Flower (sun provides the majority of light)


OutCo - Sorrento Valley

Employees: 40-50
Type: Dispensary
Patients per day anticipated: 600


OutCo - South Carolina

Employees: 12
Type: Full Spectrum CBD Cultivation, Extraction
Size: 9 Farms x 20 Acres Each