Our Process

OutCo utilizes both indoor and outdoor cultivation methods, striving to produce the best quality flower. Purity and sustainability are the foundation of our gardens. With customized nutrient formulas and industry-leading growing techniques, our team delivers truly superior cannabis. Because all finished products require the best starting material, OutCo grown harvests undergo rigorous quality control inspections. This level of care is preserved during the extraction and formulation processes for which OutCo is known.
Exploring the science behind the selectivity of CO2, we are able to target which constituents of the cannabis plant we do want to extract, while minimizing the transfer of elements we don't. Our optimized parameters allow us to precisely capture the natural terpenes produced by cannabis. Through selective extraction, we can target cannabinoids while minimizing lipid and chlorophyll content. This eliminates the need for winterization and distillation allowing for a true-to-flower extract enriched in all the minor cannabinoids and essential oils found naturally produced in the plant.
The formulation practices at OutCo make use of minimally refined cannabis extracts to deliver highly refined user experiences. We prioritize maintaining the full chemical complexity of the cannabis plant while combining our extracts with all-natural ingredients that enhance the therapeutic efficacy of these synergistic molecules. Our unique, industry leading practices allow us to offer thoughtfully designed formulations with mindfully sourced materials to create products you can feel good about using.