Our Products

Outco Premium Flower

We harvest, dry and cure all OutCo cannabis flower on-site to deliver a flower high in cannabinoid and terpene content. At OutCo we use an organic-only-approach that guarantees nothing synthetic will ever touch an OutCo plant.



Outco Premium Pre-Roll
At OutCo, quality comes first. Our handcrafted flower is the main ingredient. After a perfect cure, OutCo flower is precision-cut and then filled and compacted just right for an even burning pre-roll.

Ask about the new THC-a filled pre-roll.



Many people prefer tinctures as an alternative to edibles because they allow for more accurate dosing. OutCo tinctures are formulated in-house by our science team and are entirely free of harmful solvents.




Vape Cartridges
You will notice a rich and dense color to our vape oil. That is because at OutCo, we will never winterize our products which remove the hundreds of healing elements of cannabis. Simply put, we produce the purest oil high in terpene content and full of active biological molecules which are the healing elements of the cannabis plant.


The Outco Battery
The OutCo Vape Battery is industry leading and super discrete. The battery life is long lasting, 
comes with a 90-day money back guarantee against manufacturer defects.